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Welcome lords and ladies to Tudor!

Your family has risen in stature to serve the House of Tudor in the court of King Henry VIII and now you will begin to maneuver through the halls of power. Using intrigue and cunning, you will seek to gain influence and ensure your family members are promoted to the highest offices at court. Your Courtiers are positioned in the Waiting Rooms before they are allowed into the Audience Chambers. Be careful, since there are only a limited number of seats available in each Chamber and competing families can push you out! Then you will place your one Lord in a Chamber of your choosing. Courtiers that fail to gain an audience with any of the Lords will take no action. Each Courtier who has managed to gain an audience with a Lord is able to take one of the two actions available in that Audience Chamber or activate your Lord who is able to perform both of the available actions.

When your Courtier reaches the front of the Throne Room, you will gain a title represented by a Ring. These Rings are more than just jewelry, they project your interests and intentions to the other players. Rings are placed on individual Player Hand Screens. Displaying your Rings in different positions enhances specific Actions that your Courtiers take in the Audience Chambers. You must remain vigilant because other players can seize your Court Office, deposing your Courtier in disgrace, and then take one of YOUR rings!

Every game is different using Scenario Cards, each with their own special rules that can alter the game in dramatic ways. Additionally, different Scoring Cards are chosen to vary gameplay, creating a strategic experience with exceptional replayability. The player with the most prestige at the end of the game wins!


Ages 12+

Number of players 2-4