Carnival Zombie
Carnival Zombie
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Carnival Zombie

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In the cooperative game Carnival Zombie, the players are fleeing from the terror that has emerged from the lagoon of Venice. This group must make its way through hordes of rotting "Infected" to leave the city, and players need to rush as the Leviathan upon which the foundations of Venice were built is awakening. It's only a matter of time before the city sinks in the dark waters of the lagoon.

-Up to 6 players will attempt to flee Venice before Leviathan wakes up and you will end up facing him

-During the night: barricade yourself and get rid of the undead before they get to you

-During the day: travel around the city while healing yourself and getting ready for your next night

-New scenarios in this 2nd edition along with updated graphics and miniatures for each character

  • Age : 12+
  • Time : > 120 min
  • Number of players : 1-6